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ITU-T V.34 Maximum bit rate of 33.6 Kbps
ITU-T V.17 Maximum bit rate of 14.4 Kbps
ITU-T V.29 Maximum bit rate of 9.6 Kbps
ITU-T V.27ter Maximum bit rate of 4.8 Kbps
T.4 - TIFF Conversion GAO T.4 - TIFF Conversion Software.
ITU-T V.21 ch.2 A portion of ITU-T V.21
AT F AT commands for Fax
ITU-T T.30/T.30E Fax Modem Protocol
ITU-T T.38 Fax Relay Protocol
ITU-T T.4 Fax Modem Protocol

Group 3 Fax Software Packages

For information on Fax Relay, please see GAO's Fax Relay Software.

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